10" wound sediment filter

String wound cartridge filters provide true depth filtration with a high dirt holding capacity. They are a superior cartridge with different micron ratings that fit standard 10" housings. Wound Sediment cartridges are responsible for the mechanical removal of various substances from water, such as
- sand,
- river mud,
- fluvial silt,
- rust,
- pollen,
- microorganisms,
- carbon dust and other sediments

Filtration range of: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 microns (depending on the micron ratings). Protects household appliances from clogging and impurity precipitation.
The cartridges are chemical- and bacteria- resistant.
Working temperature: - polypropylene 2 ÷ 38ºC

Designed for 10″ housings and reverse osmosis systems (RO). Installed before the RO membrane.