The SUPERMINE Reverse Osmosis range is a commercial unit designed with reduced complexity representing good value, efficient entry level plant to cater for commercial flow requirements in less critical applications. It offers easy compact installation and operation whilst retaining high performance low energy membranes and permeate recycle as stand. This coupled with a programmable controller gives this entry level unit a strong footing within the product range. Some notable features include-

OS 3030 programmable controller for RO monitoring and providing continuous display of permeate, plant status and hours run

High level of instrumentation with flow monitoring on permeate, concentrate and concentrate recycle

Permeate recycle as standard to reduce water wastage and extended membrane life

Automated permeate quality monitoring and control

Facility for sampling permeate from individual RO membranes vessels

Full mechanical and electrical assembly on 304 stainless steel skid complete with adjustable legs

Small footprint required for installation

Low energy membranes

Full factory acceptance testing at our UK works prior to delivery