This is probably the most widely adopted method for killing waterborne bacteria such as E.Coli, Giardia and Clostridium Perfringens, without affecting the taste of the product water. Contact time and system design are of paramount importance to provide bacteria removal. There is little resistance presented to water flowing through a U.V. system so they can effectively operate in low pressure situations. High efficiency low pressure bulbs are fitted for optimal performance. All U.V. supplied exceed both current British and American standards.
Concern is often voiced at the potential for deterioration in the UPVC ultra violet system due to the prolonged exposure to U.V. light. Therefore we only sell stainless steel units. This is a design that has been proven in the field over many years.

UV disinfection units are rated according to the transparency of the water, flow rate and the level of bacteria kill.
Our UV systems rate units conservatively to allow units to treat all types of well and spring water supplies, providing they cope with generally met EEC water requirements.

IMPORTANT – All of our units comply with international minimum dose standards.

MODEL                        POWER      MAX FLOW   CONNECTION    DIMENSIONS

                                    (WATTS)       ( L / min )        ( Inlet / Outlet )                 Length                                                        

UV35W                              35             30                        3/4"                                  674

UV40W                              40             45                        1"                                     925

UV40WL                           40             60                         1.5"                                  880