When rain falls, the water has a naturally aggressive, slightly acidic nature. This water then dissolves chalk / or metallic deposits present in the local rock strata which contaminates the water. This results in ground and borehole water containing a number of elements that would not normally be present in mains water. These contaminants ( such as iron and manganese ) then cause problems when the water is put put to use.

Acidic water results in the corrosion of pipework, heating cylinders, and other equipment. Any iron and manganese present will result in poor tasting drinking water, in addition to staining baths, basins and any appliances which the water may come into contact with.

These problematic waters can be treated with our triplex system to both raise the pH and remove the iron and manganese. Firstly the water is passed through an aerator contact assembly which entrains air into the water to encourage initial precipitation of the contaminants. This has the effect of reducing the overall load on the filter media, making the complete removal of the contaminants much more efficient.

The triplex vessel uses a unique blend containing a pH correction media, an iron and manganese removal media, and physical filter media. This works in three ways and has the combined effect of raising the pH of the water ( eliminating the acidity ), precipitating any dissolved iron and manganese in the water, and finally filtering out this precipitate. Clean treated water is then passed to service ready for use.

Optional aerator- recommended for water that is not oxygenated and that has high levels of iron and manganese