Simplex Water Softener


The need to reduce the hardness of water is the most common form of water treatment. Hard water is created when naturally soft rain water percolates through subterranean rock strata and dissolves many solids including, in particular,calcium and magnesium. There are many areas therefore, where the supply water contains a significant level of these salts. It is called " hard water" because of the hard deposits created when this type of water is used in many applications.
The deposits are often called scale. However, it is actually more like concrete,forming a thick coating on heat exchanging elements and the inside of boilers, tanks, and pipes. In addition, the hard minerals left in solution significantly detract from the performance of soaps and detergents which then have to be used in greater quantities to achieve the necessary cleaning performance.This not only adds to the level of deposits occurring inside systems and equipment, it also adds significantly to the chemical waste discharged into our sewer systems
The other main problem created by scale build up is the reduction in efficiency of all heat exchange systems due to the insulating effect of the deposits. This will increase the energy costs and, in addition, can create overheating on the surfaces of the heat sourse, therfore causing premature failure.
A proven and cost effective way to solve these problems is to remove the dissolved hard mineral  salts from the water, replacing or exchanging them with " soft salts "  which are more soluable and therefore do not form hard scale. This is achieved by using one of our wide range of fully automatic water softeners.

These softeners employ the unique Clack control valve, which enables setting the working parametres adjusted to water quality. Due to this feature one can use the device more economically. Regeneration is initiated automatically, which allows to save time and money.

Model( litres resin)BLUE30BLUE40BLUE50BLUE75BLUE100BLUE120BLUE140BLUE250
Inlet /outlet ports1" bsp1"bsp1"bsp1" bsp1" bsp1" bsp1" bsp1" bsp
Flow rate( lts / hour)12001600200030004000480056005900
Capacity between regeneration ( lts at 300 ppm total hardness )5010668083501252516700200402338041750
Salt used per regen4.20 kg5.60 kg7.00 kg10.50 kg14.00
16.80 kg19.60 kg35.00 kg
Water usage on regen ( lts )2812863424985835908101734
Vessel size10x3510x4410x5413x5414x6514x6516x6521x62
Brine tank size ( mm )285  x285 x960370x 430x 960370x 430x 960104 x 480700x950950 x 700900 x 8401100 x 880
Control valve ClackClackClackClackClackClackClackClack
Total height ( mm )10701300155015501964198419882038